"They turned out beautiful! I feel like they really capture me and my new found confidence!

I was afraid I was going to be nervous throughout the whole thing but I was delightfully surprised with how comfortable I got. It made me feel confident, and beautiful. This resulted in some pretty amazing pictures! (cont. below)

"I was super nervous going in to this! It was totally out of my comfort zone which is why I wanted to do it. I think you could tell in the beginning but as the shoot went on I definitely was able to relax more & gain more confidence in what I was doing. It made me feel so much more confident with my own self image.

Definitely try it! Do it for yourself! It really helps build your confidence, and can change your view of your own self image .

If you’re in the LA/OC area & want to try it out for yourself, I definitely a million times recommend Lifestyle Boudoir.

The images speak for themselves. Try it! I loved it!

Bria Rivera, Orange County, CA