"I didn’t know what to expect going in. However, I was very familiar with Mike's work and was confident he’d make me look good. Yet, I still had some pre-shoot jitters of course, those quickly went away and we both laughed and had a blast throughout the entire shoot!

The vibe of the entire photoshoot was playful and fun. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or nervous. Mike really made me feel confident and it shows in his photos. I’ve never felt so pretty!"

"Looking at even the unedited photos I didn’t recognize myself! I’ve never felt so pretty or confident in my life! I didn’t expect to walk away from this shoot feeling so empowered! Seeing my photos for the first time my jaw dropped and there’s definitely a new found bounce in my step!

Do it! Absolutely just go for it! Mike makes the whole process enjoyable and comfortable. You will walk away from this experience feeling empowered and beautiful. The end results are mind blowing!"

Bunny Armendariz, Los Angeles, CA