"I really enjoyed how you made sure the vibe of the shoot was glamorous! It made me feel so feminine and sexy while feeling safe in the location to explore the space and my poses. I believe it is important for the photographer to help the model with that and you made me feel safe to work and discover with you... (continued below)"

"I love how you captured my beauty, the use of lighting and angles was immaculate. I couldn't believe what Michael was able to produce with such a minimal amount of equipment. The pictures all looked like finished products, I was able to see all the nuances of the scene, the finished product made me think I was just in a Playboy photo shoot.

 I would and have referred my friends and followers to look up Michael as their next photographer. If you want to find a photographer that captures your true beauty inside and out, without forcing it then definitely contact Michael. 

Thank you again for all the amazing photographs Michael, I can't wait for the next time when we get to work together."

Chanel Santini, Las Vegas, NV