"I've been modeling for over a decade, but I still get nervous before I see the results of my shoots because I don't know if someone will capture what I was feeling at the moment. When I saw my pics from our shoot... one word, mesmerized. Everything was there, the sensuality, the drama, the playfulness..."

"We shot almost 400 images, but it went by so fast.  This is what happens when model and photographer are both in the zone! I also really appreciated that Michael took the time to find a great location for our shoot.  Boudoir photography tells a sensual story.  Maison 140 was the perfect backdrop!

If you've never taken boudoir photos, do it!  Not for someone else, for yourself.  These are pictures that you'll want to look back at and say, whoa, that was me?  A great escape if nothing else."

Christine Nguyen, Los Angeles, CA