"Everything was so comfortable! Mike made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived through til the moment I left. The whole experience was just like hanging out with a friend, which helped me not be too tense/intense in photos.
I was a little nervous, as the only other photoshoot I've ever done was another boudoir that I felt portrayed me in a harsh way. But from the first photo Mike showed me, I knew everything was going to be soft, flattering, and beautiful!"

"I loved every single photo to be honest -- but it meant a lot to me that I was not only provided with my personal favorites, but with some of his as well. The whole experience was so collaborative and fun!


These photos and the whole session in general gave me a much needed boost of me-power in a time where I am finally becoming comfortable in my skin and with who I am!


What would I tell a friend? I would absolutely march them straight to Mike. These photos made me feel more beautiful and feminine than I've felt in a long time, without taking away from who I am or having me wear outfits that aren't organic to who I am. I would be more than confident sending anyone I know to Mike, knowing that they'll love their experience just as much as I loved mine!"

Meg Wilbur, Northridge, CA