"It's hard to just pick one thing I liked the most. I enjoyed the entire experience. First, I felt very comfortable after the initial few shots. Michael's laid back personality helped put me at ease. Also Michael had so many ideas that we were able to experiment with different lighting, background, and outfits. If one idea didn't work for me, I had others that did. It was an all-over positive experience!
Michael showed me some of the images straight from the camera right after he took them, which not only helped me see his vision but also to ease my nerves. The pictures were beautiful as they were so I had no reason to be nervous!

"I love how my finished photographs were not overly edited. I wasn't looking at a completely redone image of myself because the real me wasn't good enough. Michael enhanced the images just enough to where I could appreciate that the beautiful person looking back at me was truly me.


What would I tell a friend? You are actually more beautiful that you give yourself credit for. We all have our insecurities, but a good boudoir session with a good photographer like Michael will help you see your beauty more than any flaws you felt you had."

Lynda Trang Nguyen, Sacramento, CA