"What I like most about my photos is that Michael's artistic eye isn’t a selfish one - he used his vision to bring out the best parts of me. I have a genuine smile in the ones where he was making me laugh and you can see that I was really enjoying myself!  I didn’t know I was going to smile and laugh as much as I did while I was there, and I was so excited and proud to share my photos with my friends and my partner. I do burlesque, and with my debut show coming up in a couple weeks, it gave me a huge confidence boost to be able to get on that stage and know that I look amazing!"

"Very comfortable and encouraging attitude from Michael. I’m very shy and self-conscious but he would stop to show me the pictures he was taking and it would really help me feel beautiful and inspire me to come more and more out of my shell.  I was like really self-conscious going into the shoot - I’ve never had a professional photoshoot before and didn’t believe I was capable but throughout our session, with Michaels help, I felt confident and powerful and like I was glowing!

Do it! If you’re shy and unsure like I was, I promise it’s not what your fears are telling you. I felt incredible during our session and now I have photos to prove it! I loved it!"

Eva Grout, Pacoima, CA