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Light, Shade & Soul

Powerful intimate portraits of women. Just as Sexy. Just as Empowering.

It's the "little less risqué" side of Lifestyle Boudoir.

Light, Shade & Soul is an intimate look into YOU.


It's for women that want to look amazing, feel beautiful and make a bold statement. It may be less suggestive

and perhaps show less skin, but make no mistake, these black & white portraits will absolutely stir the imagination.

These portraits evoke both your strength, and your vulnerability. All done in a very Fashion Portrait style.

Whether you just want to add some of this style to your Boudoir Experience, or simply want to capture everything

in this style, either, or both, are available to you.

Can they be in color? - Yes! Of course! That is how you will will first see them. It's up to you if you'll choose color or B&W.

On the fence? If you're not sure this is for you, please check our RAVES page to see what our other clients had to say.

What's different from Boudoir?

Many of our Boudoir clients get a beautifully finished Leather Bound Album as a keepsake of their Boudoir Experience.

A Light, Shade & Soul session makes you want to display these images for the world to see! The collections are

different from our Lifestyle Boudoir packages. For this reason we're offering different ways to display your images.

Sure, you can still get leather albums, but this type of session simply screams "ART"- Coffee Table Art Books,

Leather Hand-Bound Albums, and luxurious Metal Prints and Museum style Canvas Wall Display prints!

With our Lifestyle Boudoir sessions, each image can be part of a collection, or storyline in your album.

The Light, Shade and Soul portraits, each image is created to stand as an individual, powerful expression that can be displayed on it's own. So, if you're interested in maybe just a few display images, this is a great way to do it.

Your portraits can be dressy, casual. Indoor or outdoor. Modern portraits or Old Hollywood glamour.

BUT- If you're ready to be bold and own your power- Just refer back to OUR HOME PAGE

What's it cost?

*To introduce this style, we'll be waiving the normal session fee, but only for a very limited time!

A deposit of $400 holds your date. During the limited-time offer, this deposit goes 100% towards whatever

package you choose!

And, there will many enough options and packages to please just about anyone.


To learn more, please use the form below.

Yes- I'm interested in a Light, Shade and Soul Experience!

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