"What I liked most is how comfortable the studio is, along with Michael and his wife (the makeup artist). The versatility of the space and how familiar he is with lighting techniques. He is an expert in multiple things, and lighting was no exception. It made the shoot fun and carefree!

The Boudoir shoot gave me a chance to break away from a stereotypical modeling shoot. It let me be myself and have fun! Very empowering! I have to say, I wasn’t nervous, but I have certain areas of my body that I’m a little self-conscious about and they addressed them and respected feelings toward them." (continued below)

"What I liked most about the finished photographs is that they realistically captured the moment.


If I had a friend that was interested in a Boudoir Shoot, I'd say Do it!!!  100%, it frees you to be yourself and let loose. The photos turn out more organic and it makes you feel more confident and sexy."

Madeline Monaco, Los Feliz, CA