"I loved the variety and creativity of the poses! Mike walked me through how he wanted me to pose and was super gentle with telling me when my pose was incorrect - which is a great trait to have! Of course if you spent all this time doing your hair, makeup and outfits, you want the pose to be great too!


I didn’t foresee any feelings coming out of this, but something did happen. As I just had a birthday, and when I bought the lingerie I wore in the photoshoot about 4 years ago, on top of my photoshoot happened right around the holidays, I realized that I was being really bothered by a few inches around my waist. And really there are poses that can fix that! But there are plenty of other things you can focus on in boudoir- boobs, lips, hips, ass!! Anyways I ended up feeling stronger about my body!  Guess what I’m a woman! And a body to match it!" (cont...)

"I loved the getting ready part the most! I was in complete charge of choosing and mixing up my outfits. I brought a three piece nude lingerie outfit, a black corset outfit, a robe with stockings outfit and a checkered skirt outfit. Mike and his wife, Jojo helped me get dressed, and decide which pieces would photograph the best.

If I had a friend interested in doing this, I would be so excited for her! I would tell her to bring her favorite outfits and maybe look up some poses during the week of the shoot just so you can get an idea of what you’ll be posing like!

I would tell her to listen to her favorite women's empowerment songs (aka Beyoncé hits, Shayna Twain’s “Man, I feel like a woman” or Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”) to get her in the groove of what the shoot is really about ~ you feeling great!


And lastly girl, have fun!!!!

Marissa Mann, Las Vegas, NV