"I came across Michael and his work through a mutual colleague at an event he shot a few months back. I had been curious about doing a boudoir shoot for years, but the opportunity never really presented itself. When I saw Michael's work, I knew it was time. The process leading up to the shoot was very seamless and communicating with him about the details of what to expect, shoot location & preparation was straightforward and easy. From the get go, Michael made me feel very comfortable which lends itself to the ease of our communication and is beyond appreciated, especially for doing my first boudoir shoot!"(continued below...)

"The ease and comfort continued into our shoot and Michael is truly a very talented professional. He was exceptionally efficient at capturing the necessary shots needed per scene and per outfit, all the while making sure that he was not only photographing me in the best possible light (literally), but that I was 100% comfortable every step of the way. At no point in time, did I feel self conscious or awkward, making for even better photos! I knew by the end of the shoot (without really seeing any of the stills), that we had gotten some great captures and I was chomping at the bit to see them. 


I've never lacked self confidence by any means, but seeing myself through Michael's lens helped me see a completely different side of myself in the best possible way. These photos are without question some of the best that have ever been taken of me and will be what I look back on whenever I have a bad day, or when I'm 80 to remind myself of how beautiful I was in my younger years. The final edits of my set are stunning and my confidence level has risen many notches as a result. 


To say that this experience was truly empowering is an understatement. I think all women should allow themselves a boudoir session because regardless of who sees the photos, it boils down creating space for more self love and Michael provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. I will absolutely do another shoot with Michael again and cannot wait!"


Mizon Garde, Pasadena, California