"I was feeling a bit nervous before going into the session, but after the first few shots I instantly felt so comfortable and confident. Mike and Jojo are an amazing team, and know how to make you feel so comfortable in your skin. 


I loved that Mike constantly had unique and fun ideas for poses and lighting, and how incredibly fun the whole process was! He used almost every piece of clothing and accessory I brought, and each outfit fit SO perfectly with each photo."

"My first thought while viewing my photos was "That's me?! That is not what I see when I look in the mirror!" What he captured in those photos definitely are me, on my "best day". The experience has helped me be able to see myself as confident and sexy.

I have recently gone through some life changes/milestones, and this shoot was EXACTLY what I needed for myself! This was purely for me myself and I, someone who needed a little confidence boost. This experience did that, and then some!

I  literally tell everyone to do it! Every woman can gain something special from a session. If you're doubting yourself, thinking you're not "sexy" enough to do it, let Lifestyle Boudoir prove you wrong!"

Paulina Clark, Azusa, CA