All women ought to feel beautiful, desirable, and confident!"


Who are your typical clients?

Some need a boost in self-esteem. Others need a reminder that they are powerfully sexual beings, and don't often get to show it. Some love the idea of getting dolled up and taking romantic images. Some want images that show more skin and are proud of their bodies, and many want to see just how great their bodies CAN look.


OR, maybe they just want to document how amazing you look right now at this stage of their life.

ALL of them are in for an amazing and fun experience! What type are you?

“I'm blown away. I never really loved photos of myself but I love these. I can't thank you enough.”

Justice Skye Blood, Los Angeles, CA


How long is a session?

Your session will last 2-3 hours. (We always allow for 3). We'll take care of your makeup, and light hairstyling, and help you pick your outfits too!  Since we never rush a session, you will be more relaxed, and it will show in your photographs. 


How many outfits should I prepare?

We generally suggest 3-5 outfits, and some incidental extra pieces. Different bras and panties, G-strings, etc. If your outfit includes garters, don't forget the stockings too.

High heels are important for these sessions. The higher and sexier the better! Have a selection of everything!

Need help with your outfits? Get our Free Lingerie Guide

Do you photograph nudes? 

Yes, and No. Implied nudity is common, and sometimes you’ll be gently urged out of your comfort zone- but you’ll never be uncomfortable! You call the shots. But as you can see from my samples, there are occasional "implied" shots that suggest it, but doesn't necessarily show it. If you want them, we can do them! It's up to you!

"I love the full nude with hair across back btw-- that style is my favorite of yours. I'd love to do this style again. You're my absolute favorite, ESPECIALLY for stuff like this. You create such beautiful images-- a master of light! I'm 100% happy with the photos you did for me. They're fantastic."  Rachel Agosto, West Hollywood, CA 


Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely yes! However, you must be very selective. That person can not interfere with the flow of the shoot. They must be someone you deem "very supportive"- we recommend a 'best friend' over a boyfriend, husband or significant other. A cheerleader for you! And, as mentioned before, there is ALWAYS a female makeup artist/assistant here to make you look stunning, and add to your comfort level. You must be comfortable, in order to get great images!


But I don't know how to pose.

Not to worry! That is not your jobWe will direct you, and gently guide you into poses that are alluring, and flattering.

Did you know that the right poses can actually make you look much slimmer? I'm good for about 15 pounds with posing alone. AND, if you'd like, I can personally demonstrate each pose for you! Nothing breaks the tension like seeing me do these poses. If I can do it, trust me, you can!


Do you do other types of photography? 

Boudoir is our specialty!  By focusing only on this one style, we're great at putting you at ease and helping you relax, so that you'll get truly SEXY images of yourself. The boudoir photos we create for you will scream mystery, intimacy, voyeurism, and even danger -(adjectives often used to describe the type of images we make).

We know you want these photos to be beautiful, but it should go beyond cute and pretty pictures.

You should think and feel ‘intimacy’ when you see them.  A little tingle of excitement! 

What our clients are saying...



How will I see and order my photographs?

I present all images personally, and you will want, and need me there for this part of the process. This ordering appointment helps you to make an educated decision, and is equally vital to you LOVING your images.

The ordering appointment is just as important as the session itself.


Within 1 to 2 weeks of your session, you will come back for your ordering appointment. This is the time where you will view all of your images, wall decor options, and finalize your book/album designs. This is when you'll place your order.

If necessary, we can do same day viewing/ordering appointments. But, please arrange that in advance.


A Little About Pricing

Your Boudoir Experience always includes a 2 - 3 hour Boudoir session, complimentary makeup and light hair styling, and your ordering appointment where we'll help you select your images and design your album, book or wall decor. Because of the time and preparation involved in each session we can only accept a few sessions per week, and NEVER more than one a day. Make no mistake, this is a luxury experience! Below you'll see a brief video of just some of the items we offer.

What will YOU order? 


Well, everyone's situation is different. Some want the full-on gorgeous Leather Bound Album, some want

one of our signature Boudoir Collections, and some want wall art displays to decorate their walls.

What you invest is completely up to you, to fit your individual needs and desires. We have several popular package options, canvas and metal wall art, and even some pretty extravagant collections (if you really want to pamper yourself!). You decide what you'll spend, but only after you've seen, and fallen in love with your images. 

Our collections start at just $899.


We invest much time and effort into every session to provide you with an experience and images that will, frankly,

leave you speechless. When booking a session, my time is reserved, and my makeup artist's time is reserved- the day is reserved for you, and you alone! For this reason, we do take a retainer to hold your date. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to set up a brief phone chat to learn about pricing, and to see if we are the studio for you!


How do I book you?


Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling. We'll schedule a convenient time to have a quick phone chat to answer all your questions, and see if we are the right studio for you. After all, Boudoir is a very personal experience, and you'll need to feel comfortable with the photographer you choose. 

Interested in a Boudoir Experience? Please use the form below to contact us today!

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