Nothing speaks louder about our work than the words of the ladies that are thrilled with the photos we created together. 

"Not only am I SO in love (really, really in love) with the final pictures, I had such a blast throughout the entire shoot. Nothing felt rushed and the whole session felt so creative and collaborative. I got to indulge my inner model!
I’ve done a couple photo shoots in the past, but I’ve always been hesitant about shooting with a male photographer. After working with Michael, that hesitation is gone! The quality of his work speaks for itself, of course, but he also went out of his way to make sure I felt totally comfortable and confident at every step. No creepy vibes here—just a really gifted photographer who will capture the most beautiful version of you!
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"It's hard to just pick one thing I liked the most. I enjoyed the entire experience. First, I felt very comfortable after the initial few shots. Michael's laid back personality helped put me at ease. Also Michael had so many ideas that we were able to experiment with different lighting, background, and outfits. If one idea didn't work for me, I had others that did. It was an all-over positive experience!
Michael showed me some of the images straight from the camera right after he took them, which not only helped me see his vision but also to ease my nerves. The pictures were beautiful as they were so I had no reason to be nervous!
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"They turned out beautiful! I feel like they really capture me and my new found confidence!

I was afraid I was going to be nervous throughout the whole thing but I was delightfully surprised with how comfortable I got. It made me feel confident, and beautiful. This resulted in some pretty amazing pictures!

I was super nervous going in to this! It was totally out of my comfort zone which is why I wanted to do it. I think you could tell in the beginning but as the shoot went on I definitely was able to relax more & gain more confidence in what I was doing. It made me feel so much more confident with my own self image."

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"Everything was so comfortable! Mike made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived through til the moment I left. The whole experience was just like hanging out with a friend, which helped me not be too tense/intense in photos.
I was a little nervous, as the only other photoshoot I've ever done was another boudoir that I felt portrayed me in a harsh way. But from the first photo Mike showed me, I knew everything was going to be soft, flattering, and beautiful!"
I loved every single photo to be honest -- but it meant a lot to me that I was not only provided with my personal favorites, but with some of his as well. The whole experience was so collaborative and fun!"
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"What I liked most about my session? Absolutely everything!! How many looks we got in a short period of time, the talented make up artist, feeling sexy, the variety of lighting, the skill, the video, the perfecting but not overdone photoshop.  
I had a baby 9 months ago and it was my first time doing a photo shoot as a mom! This revived my self esteem and it was a blast!
Everything.. sexy, classy... and there was wide variety of options I HIGHLY recommend getting a boudoir session!!!!!  You’ll treasure the images for the rest of your life!
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 "I absolutely loved working with Michael because of his professionalism and has expertise in creating elegant lighting set up’s and quickly changing sets so we can shoot multiple looks and get a lot of different angles and quality photos.


I absolutely love how I look in the photos!


I would highly recommend working with Michael- you will feel extremely comfortable and absolutely love the outcome of your photos!"

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"I loved the variety and creativity of the poses! Mike walked me through how he wanted me to pose and was super gentle with telling me when my pose was incorrect - which is a great trait to have! Of course if you spent all this time doing your hair, makeup and outfits, you want the pose to be great too!


I didn’t foresee any feelings coming out of this, but something did happen. As I just had a birthday, and when I bought the lingerie I wore in the photoshoot about 4 years ago, on top of my photoshoot happened right around the holidays, I realized that I was being really bothered by a few inches around my waist. And really there are poses that can fix that! But there are plenty of other things you can focus on in boudoir- boobs, lips, hips, ass!! Anyways I ended up feeling stronger about my body!  Guess what I’m a woman! And a body to match it!" (cont.)

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"I most enjoyed how comfortable the session was. Michael has great creative insight and a real eye for composition.  He is not only a true professional, but a great human being. Mike has a way of communicating his vision clearly, which in turn creates a natural rhythm during the shoot, that made him so fun and easy to work with.

"What I loved most about the finished photos was how elegant and classy the photos were. Michael's photography could be described as neo-Film Noir. He captures the classic film noir look in a modern way. His photos are not just images... they capture the narrative of the moment and tell their own short stories. 

If someone I knew was considering a session with Michael I would say 'DO IT!, No need to think twice, Mike will make you look amazing!!!' Michael captures your beauty in a way that you cant imagine and is truly a gift to yourself which the value is priceless."

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"I didn’t know what to expect going in. However, I was very familiar with Mike's work and was confident he’d make me look good. Yet, I still had some pre-shoot jitters of course, those quickly went away and we both laughed and had a blast throughout the entire shoot!

The vibe of the entire photoshoot was playful and fun. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or nervous. Mike really made me feel confident and it shows in his photos. I’ve never felt so pretty!"

Looking at even the unedited photos I didn’t recognize myself! I’ve never felt so pretty or confident in my life! I didn’t expect to walk away from this shoot feeling so empowered! Seeing my photos for the first time my jaw dropped and there’s definitely a new found bounce in my step!"

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"I came across Michael and his work through a mutual colleague at an event he shot a few months back. I had been curious about doing a boudoir shoot for years, but the opportunity never really presented itself. When I saw Michael's work, I knew it was time. The process leading up to the shoot was very seamless and communicating with him about the details of what to expect, shoot location & preparation was straightforward and easy. From the get go, Michael made me feel very comfortable which lends itself to the ease of our communication and is beyond appreciated, especially for doing my first boudoir shoot!

To say that this experience was truly empowering is an understatement. I think all women should allow themselves a boudoir session because regardless of who sees the photos, it boils down creating space for more self love and Michael provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. I will absolutely do another shoot with Michael again and cannot wait!"

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"My session with Mike was awesome! I loved how comfortable the whole experience felt, I never felt nervous or like I didn’t know how to pose he guided me along with every shot. The best part was seeing the first few frames on the back of the camera and seeing myself in a new light. As a makeup artist I’m usually behind the scenes, it was so fun to pretend to be model for a day.

I was definitely nervous before I got to my shoot, I’ve never done any kind of photo shoot before so i didn’t know how I’d feel in front of the camera. Mike knows how to make you look your best. Once I saw the first few shots on the camera I was so excited I couldn’t believe that was me!"

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