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What, Why, How, Where, Who, When?

What is Boudoir?

Your Boudoir Experience is not just a photo shoot. It’s a life experience! Boudoir is absolutely a gift you give to yourself!


I truly wish that ALL women could see themselves through my lens. We'll reveal the beauty you have inside and out, and just how sexy you really are. You'll be photographed in such a way that you actually feel sexier and more beautiful! Capturing images of it is just the bonus... so you'll remember the experience!

Boudoir allows you to fall in love with yourself, accept your sexuality, and express it. You get to accept and cherish YOU, as you are.


BUT there’s an incredible side effect to this experience. The confidence boost is one of the first things you'll feel! Often, women will realize their potential, their power, and their self-worth.


Why Have A Boudoir Experience?



You may be shy, or have a few extra pounds, or just have no idea just how sexy you can look- but I promise you, YOU'LL LOOK INCREDIBLE! Sure, it's an amazing gift for your partner, But first, I want it to be an amazing gift for yourself!  Chances are, you'll never see yourself in the same way again!

Have you ever had one of those days were you look in the mirror and go "damn, I look good!"? That’s what’s going to happen every time you open your album and see your photos! That huge boost in self confidence is available to you anytime you want. Just open the book!

The extra 5-10 lbs you stressed about? Well, they're  just not there! You won’t find them in your photos. You'll be gently guided into proper posing that truly helps your body rock! 

How Does It All Work

It all starts with a decision! Simply use the form at the bottom of the page. We'll set up a time with you for a brief phone call. This is the time where you get all your questions answered. But also it's a time of discovery. I'm sure you realize that Boudoir is a highly personal and intimate type of photo session. You NEED to know if we are the right studio for you! If you're comfortable with me as your photographer, you'll simply have a better time, and get great photographs!

Once scheduled, we'll send out an amazing lingerie and prep guide to help you choose your outfits, and learn of the do's and don'ts. So, on the day you'll be totally prepared.


Your session starts with professionally applied makeup. We don't charge for it- it's simply available if you want it, or even just for touch-ups while you're in front of the camera. Clients say this pampering makeup time is a wonderful way to relax before the session. My makeup artist will also be there for your entire session for touch-ups and to help with wardrobe too.


Once your makeup is done, the fun begins! Sessions generally take a few hours (2-3 total) from start to finish. So, it's never rushed!


Where Does My Session Take Place?

It's been at least 15 years since I've shot in a studio. It became way to monotonous and dull, and honestly, it looked like "a studio." The photos were all good and the clients were happy. But, I feel the images lacked a real home, real bedroom feel.


Where your session is photographed is not simply just "sets and props," it's a real living space. This gives a more realistic feel to the images. Nearly every photo you see on this site was created here at our loft and on our property in the NoHo Arts District of North Hollywood.

Lifestyle Boudoir is located at the Lofts in NoHo Commons (pictured). There's generally plenty of parking, and right across from the NoHo Train Station, if you'd rather leave the car at home.


Who Will Be My Photographer?

Me!! I'm Michael Spatola, and I've been a photographer in Los Angeles for over 30 years, where I've specialized in photography of women. Boudoir Portraiture, and making women feel comfortable in their sessions, is my passion. A passion, I believe, that shows in the images I create! Also- I'm also a makeup artists with multiple "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup" EMMY and CABLE ACE Award nominations. And, I've authored 6 books on Makeup and Special Makeup Effects. I've been an instructor for professional makeups artists, photographers, and I've taught martial arts too! HeeeYah!


What's The Session Like?

It's a blast! Is it possible you'll be a little nervous to start? Sure, nearly everyone starts off that way. But once you see me, a chubby, 60 year old dude, demonstrate the poses, that'll fade away quickly. Nothing breaks the ice like me demonstrating the poses! I'll also show you a few images on the back of the camera to see just how amazing you're looking.

The photography part of the session usually lasts a few hours. We're not rushing anything, ever! (we only photograph one client per day!)

In the course of the session, you're likely to go through 3-5 outfits and we'll usually start with the most modest one first to ease into the sexier lingerie later. If you have any special requests, just please ask! Sometimes my clients really start to get their courage up and even ask to do some implied nudity too. But that is completely up to you.


By the end of the session, you'll wonder where the time went!

When Should I Book A Session?

Let's face it- You may not feel ready- but believe me, YOU ARE READY! There's no better time than NOW to start planning your session. We'll help you to feel confident and prepared, and to look like a million bucks! 

Currently, we are booking up 2-3 months in advance, But we may have scattered appointments available- just ask!

Short notice? - You can still contact us. There are some occasions where a client booked months in advance needs to reschedule for one reason or another. So, we're always willing to fill that hole in the schedule with your session!

When you're ready, please use the form below to contact us today!

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