Have you received a Gift Voucher?

Congratulations! You are in for an experience that will leave you feeling more sexy, and empowered than any other! 

Beware, after this, you may see yourself in a brand new way!









What does this Gift Voucher include? 

Your $500 Gift Voucher is for our one-of-a-kind Boudoir Session Experiences that includes:

Your 2-3 hour Boudoir Session in your home or location

Professional Makeup application (with light hair styling)

A  one hour Preview Premiere within 1-2 weeks of your session to select your images

1- 11x14 Mini Wall Portrait (with full enhancements) or credit towards anything you order 

This gift is all at zero cost to you. There is no catch. If you choose to order something different,

you may apply the $500 Gift Voucher to any product we offer.


How do I redeem my Gift Voucher?

Simply use the form below to get the process started. Remember the voucher does have an expiration date. You must contact us before that date. 

Don't worry, your session may be done at a later date

In the Subject, please write "Gift Voucher"

In the Message- please write who you received your voucher from, and maybe a bit about yourself.

This is what Stephanie had to say about her experience: 

"I can't explain to you why I wanted this so bad at the moment. I am my own worst critic, I know! I suffered through depression for years over it, and with enough hard fucking work, this is me now! I was not happy with the amount of weight I put on in college so I started running again! This is me! I wanted this session so bad, though to remind me, "I'm okay!" I need to be okay with my flaws! I can be comfortable showing more skin! I'm super self conscious about my ass and look - Michael did some magic! As far as the session, Michael was beyond careful and attentive to the art of photography - very professional! He coached me through in great spirits and encouraged me to feel confident. Slowly I let go, and got good poses. I saw the finished product and I cried! Yes!!! This is me!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I need to be okay with seeing myself as beautiful, too! Now, I do have the courage to say, fuck it! (Sometimes lol) Thank you, Michael! Thank you, thank you!"    Stephanie Lira, Los Angeles, CA

Boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Noho, North Hollywood . Intimate Boudoir Portraits