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Test Shoots (TFP)

Occasionally, we offer free Test Shoots to new models in return for the use

of the images in our marketing. These shoots are 100% no-cost to the model.

However, we hate misunderstandings, so the following guidelines always apply.


This information comes from over 32 years of doing this!*

What does Test Shoot or TFP mean?

Trade For Prints / Trade For Photographs. Can also mean Time For Prints. A TFP or Test Shoot means that the photographer and the model are working together to create new content and portfolio images, and no money changes hands. This is often called a "Collaboration." However, the makeup artist is often compensated by the photographer.

Why do we offer Test Shoots?

We are NOT a new studio. We've been at this over 32 years! Please understand, I will likely be the most experienced Boudoir Photographer you will ever work with. That being said, here are the following reasons we may want to do Test Shoots with you...


1) Like everyone else online today, we need fresh content. Because of the sensitive nature of Boudoir Photography, many of our actual paying clients would like to keep their images private for themselves and their significant others, and do not want the world to see them.

We absolutely respect their privacy!

2) As an artist, I often have new creative ideas of things I want to try. It's really not fair to use client's paid session time to experiment.

3) Occasionally, we get new equipment, and would like to push it's limits, to see what it can really do. Again, it's just not fair to a paying client for us to experiment on their time.

4) Special Projects. Occasionally, for my blog or website, I like to do a "photo essay" or even Boudoir Videos for my YouTube and website. Often, a model with a very specific look may be required to produce the best images. As of this writing, I have several very specific projects (listed below) that I am planning that may require models of a specific look or skill level.

Other Upcoming Shoots I May Need Models For:

* Late 80's / Early 90's Guess ad inspired Boudoir Shoot

* 1940's style Film Noir Outdoor Evening Shoot / Indoor Boudoir

*Gritty/Grainy Outdoor Evening Shoot/Indoor Boudoir/Sin City Style

* Assorted Boudoir Video Clips 

* Dramatically Lit Implied "Body Scapes"

* Vanity Fair Style Boudoir Portraits

"Wabi Sabi" a less-polished and perfect style, more "fly on the wall" feeling

*Projected Patterns on Implied Nudes


or- it could be a mix of any of the above!

How do I choose models?

I do NOT agree to shoot everyone that's interested I am very selective. 

Models are chosen based on my particular needs for the shoot. Mostly it is about the look. The right "look' will help portray the image I'm trying to create. But, it isn't always about looks. Sometimes it's a gut feeling, or what you've conveyed in the images I've seen of you. I do shy away from those who have highly retouched, or highly diffused images on their IG.

I tend to create a lot of timeless black and white images, perhaps from certain eras. Maybe during that era the style was not to have tattoos? Sometimes they work, sometimes not. If I don't choose you, it's nothing personal. It's ok if you don't fit the needs of that particular shoot. But, if you have some ideas, please send them to me and we'll see what happens.

What do testing models receive?

Studio time of up to 3 hours.  Makeup, with changes (unless you're a skilled makeup artist yourself.  Up to 3-5 outfit changes. A gallery of un-retouched, watermarked images sent within 24-48 hours of the shoot. Up to 20 fully retouched images, of your choice, sent within 1 week of the shoot. If we choose any additional images to post, you will receive those too.

What is required of Testing Models?

Responsibility and Punctuality! 

Cooperation, GREAT communication, and a team player

Come to the shoot with hair basically done to speed up the makeup time

Bring a reasonable selection of outfits, with heels and accessories to match

A signed "Model Release" is absolutely necessary

Appropriate TAGS / Photo Credit when posting images is absolutely required.

Communication:  We absolutely require our models to communicate with us. A valid email address and phone number is required. I will not communicate solely on DMs on Instrgram. Responding to emails and texts in a timely manner show a sense of professionalism and responsibility. Appointments must absolutely be confirmed. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you MUST give us 48 hours notice. We reserve this shoot time just for you. If you cancel same day, there is no way to book someone else in your time slot, wasting my time and my makeup artist's and assistant's time, which I pay them for regardless if you show up, or not. Be communicative, professional and punctual. Lateness is not tolerated. Also, please communicate your expectations to us. Be clear about this- I dislike misunderstandings.

Outfits:  We shoot Boudoir. (I mean, that is the name of my company). I am happy to shoot a casual outfit or even a swimsuit by our pool (weather permitting). But make no mistake, unless otherwise pre-discussed, this is a Boudoir Shoot. You may bring a wide array of lingerie to the shoot. Just know it's likely we will only shoot in 3-5 outfits. Have everything packed a few days in advance, so on the shoot day you are not still agonizing over what to bring.

-A good practice would be to try on every outfit you're thinking and take a full-length selfie and send it to us, so we know what outfits we'll be working with, and how it fits you.

If you show up without the required outfits, or unprepared, you waste your time and ours.

Model Release:  We absolutely require a signed Model Release before shooting. Why? Well without it we cannot legally use your images on our website or other social media. If we can't use your images, then we have no reason to do a shoot for you. Please understand this.

Posting:  When you post images created by Lifestyle Boudoir, you must include appropriate tags back to our profiles, and photo credit. Images you post must not have been altered in any way, and we ask that you do not post un-retouched images as to not spoil our brand.

What we post:  Everything we post will be up to our normal high standards. If we post something we created from your session, it's because either we loved it, or it served a specific creative or marketing need at that time. It may not be one that you are as fond of as we are.

Please, do not ask us to take something down once it's been posted. We do retain creative rights to all the images we create. Models cannot dictate which images we post, or when.

Can I bring a friend?  Yes, but you must be very selective. That person can not interfere with the flow of the shoot in any way. This friend will NOT be photographed. A girlfriend that you deem "very supportive" is the best choice- we recommend a 'best friend' over a boyfriend, husband, etc. In fact, no males are allowed in the studio during a shoot. And, as mentioned before, it's common that a female makeup artist/assistant here to make you look stunning, and add to your comfort level. You must be comfortable, in order to get great images!

Alcohol and Drugs- we do not tolerate any substance use before or during the shoot. What you do on your own time is your own business. No judgements. But during our shoot together, there will be no alcohol, no drugs, and no, not even weed. Period. 

Will we sell your images to any 3rd party? 


NO! That is not something we have ever done, or will likely ever do. However, in the event that we would consider publishing one of your images, we would discuss that in advance.



NOTE: We will not create images for you, for free, and then have you turn around and sell them for profit. If you are thinking of making money on images that I create (posters, t-shirts, OnlyFans, etc), remember that, by law, the copyright ALWAYS remains with the photographer.


If you plan to use these images for profit, it must be discussed, in advance. 


If you want complete OnlyFans rights, you must purchase an OnlyFans Only session.

So, do you want to do a Test Shoot with me?


After reading through all this, if you're still interested in working with me, please get the

ball rolling by filling out my Test Shoot application by clicking the button below.


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