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Muse Wanted

Like any artist, having a 'go to' model that is like-minded, creates a mutually beneficial, professional relationship- to create art together!

As a photographer and content creator, I am in a continuous need for new samples of my work to post. But, as an established Boudoir Photographer, I completely respect my clients desire for anonymity, and privacy. Not all my clients, or their significant others, want their images posted on the internet for the world to see.

What I need is a female model, preferably good at doing their own hair and makeup (but we'll often have a makeup artist too- just not for every session). A model who is close to the North Hollywood area, to make things very easy for impromptu shoots. I'd like to be able to shoot once every month or so (maybe more). Preferably a confident woman, not necessarily experienced in modeling, but looking specifically to grow as a model.


*A perfect body is NOT necessary, but a woman that is comfortable in her own skin, definitely is! Go ahead and apply, what could it hurt?

What will we be doing?

Collaborating on boudoir, and boudoir related sessions for our websites, social media, advertising and also for my educational YouTube Channel  so you must be ok with being captured on video as well. An amazing learning experience if you're a new model.

You have to be OK with not every photo being perfection. Much of this will be experimentation. We could be using a new or different lighting technique, new equipment, or experimental poses. BUT, I promise, you will get some great photos from each session. I've been doing Boudoir for over 30 years, so you'll get good stuff! These are photos that you are welcome to use however you like (yes, even Only Fans too).

Interested? Please fill in the form by clicking the button below.

Questions? Contact me through the Contacts page in the navigation bar on top of this page.

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