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A Day At The Office- Burlesque Video

If you read my Blog, you know I have shot a few really fun Boudoir Videos. This new video is an expansion on this. Once again, my friend and frequent collaborator Mizon Garde is the subject. Mizon is a Burlesque performer that I started working with over a year ago.

For this video, I met her at Harvelle's in Long Beach to shoot "A Day At The Office" Harvelle's is a Burlesque Club. Literally, it's underground at 201 E. Broadway- the place is so cool with it's red leather chairs (that you'll see in the video) and retro atmosphere.

The video follows Mizon in her everyday street clothes into Harvelle's, past the bar and all the red leather chairs to the backstage area as a fly on the wall, as she prepares for a performance. But, rather than me tell you all about it, why not just watch? It's only 3 minutes long, but so much fun.

One day, I would love to shoot and edit a feature length horror film, or a documentary. As a kid, I made a ton of stop motion and monster movies on super 8 film. I suppose this is my more grown up movie maker coming out to play.

Hope you like it!

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