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My Recent Interview Video

Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed about my Boudoir work by an old friend, and former client, Chris Lee. Chris does the “Done Over Perfect” Podcast on his YouTube Channel Pal2Tech. The coolest thing is I photographed Chris and Christine’s wedding close to 25 years ago, when weddings were something that I still photographed.

Fast forward all these years later, Chris has one of the best and most prolific channels on Fujifilm cameras (which I happen to use). We reconnected a few years back when I discovered his channel. Chris was so interested in what I do, that he asked to do an interview with me. The interview is HERE

This interview, although goes into some technical aspects of Boudoir, is mostly about my philosophies on Boudoir and how that affects the women I’ve photographed. Boudoir is just not what most people think it is. Many people think this is something that women do as a gift for their significant others. Now, even though this is true in a simplistic way, the session quickly becomes more about instilling strength and confidence in women, than gifting to their spouse. It becomes more a gift they give to themselves!

Rather than going on and on here, why not go visit the Pal2Tech Youtube channel and learn about the subjects we discuss. It’s pretty eye-opening!

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