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Angie Talks About HER Boudoir Experience

Michael- What did you like most about your session? *

Angie- Not only am I SO in love (really, really in love) with the final pictures, I had such a blast throughout the entire shoot. Nothing felt rushed and the whole session felt so creative and collaborative. I got to indulge my inner model!

Michael- Were you nervous or self-conscious going into this? How did it change throughout the experience?

Angie- I’ve done a couple photo shoots in the past, but I’ve always been hesitant about shooting with a male photographer. After working with Michael, that hesitation is gone! The quality of his work speaks for itself, of course, but he also went out of his way to make sure I felt totally comfortable and confident at every step. No creepy vibes here—just a really gifted photographer who will capture the most beautiful version of you!

Michael- What did you like most about your finished photographs? *

Angie- I adore my photo album full of magazine-worthy shots. It truly feels like a work of art, and the best part is, those images are me! Sometimes pictures can look good but not really feel like “you,” but Michael captured a really happy, sexy, beautiful version of me that feels very genuine and true.

Michael- Would you do it again? *

Angie- Yes, definitely! (I loved it!)

Michael- What unexpected things (or feelings) happened as a result of your Boudoir Session? *

Angie- I want to share these pictures with the world! I’ve had a fraught relationship with my body most of my life, but pictures like these go a long way to helping me own my sexiness and feel more confident in my skin, no matter my size.

Michael- What would you tell a friend that might be considering a Boudoir Session? *

Angie- I truly wish more women would indulge themselves in a boudoir session. Don’t wait to do it as a gift for someone else, don’t wait until you lose the last five pounds. Just do it. Right now. For yourself. It’s so worth it for the super fun experience and the amazing confidence boost!

Lastly, Angie sent me an email:

By the way, I showed the book to my husband and he stopped me about halfway through. “I’m trying to figure out how to say this without being insulting,” he started, and I got a little worried. I mean, even though I didn’t do it for his approval, I still wanted him to like them. But then he continued. “These pictures make all the other shoots you’ve done look like amateur hour.”

He likes them. Quite a bit. :D

When you're ready for your own Boudoir Experience, please contact us HERE

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