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Boudoir is a gift for YOU

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Noho, North Hollywood . Intimate Boudoir Portraits

Often, when a woman approaches the idea of doing a Boudoir Session, it's thought of as a gift for their partner. A wedding or anniversary gift, Valentine's Day, and birthday, etc. But the real gift here is for yourself. There is NOTHING wrong with a little self-appreciation. If you do a Boudoir Session for anyone, let it be for you.

Sure the session is fun- I mean you get to play dress up and be a lingerie model for a day. You can bring your best gal pal and make a "girl's day out" of it. You'll be pampered as you get your hair and makeup done. Your favorite music will be playing. You'll really feel like a star. That's the fun part- BUT, the real benefit is yet to come...

"I had a baby 9 months ago and it was my first time doing a photo shoot as a mom! This revived my self esteem and it was a blast!​ It was my assurance that my hard work at the gym was paying off!! I’m still on a happy high from the shoot!" Erika Jordan, Los Angeles

BUT, the best parts actually come AFTER your session. From when you see your images the first time, to receiving the finished album, and finally getting to relive the whole experience every time you look at your images. You'll see the beauty in you that you often forget is there.

The boost in ego and self-confidence you'll receive is worth years of therapy, and a lifetime of self-help books. If you don't believe me, here are some more words from just a few of the women I've had the honor to photograph recently...

I’ve never felt so pretty or confident in my life! I didn’t expect to walk away from this shoot feeling so empowered! Seeing my photos for the first time my jaw dropped and there’s definitely a new found bounce in my step! Do it! Absolutely just go for it! Mike makes the whole process enjoyable and comfortable. You will walk away from this experience feeling empowered and beautiful. The end results are mind blowing!" Bunny Armendariz, Los Angeles

I didn’t foresee any feelings coming out of this, but something did happen. As I just had a birthday, and when I bought the lingerie I wore in the photoshoot about 4 years ago, on top of my photoshoot happened right around the holidays, I realized that I was being really bothered by a few inches around my waist. And really there are poses that can fix that! But there are plenty of other things you can focus on in boudoir- boobs, lips, hips, ass!! Anyways I ended up feeling stronger about my body! Guess what I’m a woman! And a body to match it!" Marissa Mann, Las Vegas

"To say that this experience was truly empowering is an understatement. I think all women should allow themselves a boudoir session because regardless of who sees the photos, it boils down creating space for more self love and Michael provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. I will absolutely do another shoot with Michael again and cannot wait!" Mizon Garde, Pasadena

Each one of these ladies in this blog post has a whole gallery on my site. Please check out more images of them, and the rest they had to say on our Gallery Page

Who doesn't need a little ego or confidence boost from time to time? This is a way to do it once, but have the results forever. One of my clients recently said-

"This will be what I look back on whenever I have a bad day, or when I'm 80 to remind myself of how beautiful I was in my younger years. My photos are stunning and my confidence level has risen many notches as a result!"

There are a ton of reasons you tell yourself to not do a Boudoir Session. They're lies!

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