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Chasing Passions, Following Your Heart

This session was such a blast! "When I saw my pics from our shoot... one word, mesmerized. Everything was there, the sensuality, the drama, the playfulness" Christine Nguyen, Los Angeles

What I learned in the last 8 years- Happiness is way more important than security! More important for health, mental well-being, and for creativity to flow. Just existing is no way to live. Security pays the bills, but is mentally and creatively stagnating. Security, even in a job I honestly enjoyed, still left me feeling very creatively unfulfilled.

Plus, it really took over my private/personal life as well. I almost never got to do anything creative for myself or clients. Artists need to create! So, I resigned my position to be more free to pursue my “why?“. I needed to pursue my passion, AGAIN. I truly missed my photography.

What is your WHY?

What makes your heart sing? Someone posed that question to me not that long ago. It made me really stop and realize that my ‘day job’ was draining me, rather than energizing me.

My heart sings when I’m able to help someone relax and be comfortable in front of the lens, to urge them into flattering poses, and romantic and sexy expressions. When I create lighting and shadows that sculpt their face and figure. And finally to see their faces light up when they see their images for the first time. I get to be creative, and capture images that make women feel absolutely gorgeous. It’s so fulfilling, and brings me, and my clients so much joy.

As of October 1st, this is the new home of Lifestyle Boudoir in NoHo.

Chasing my passions again led me to looking for a new location for Lifestyle Boudoir (see above). I’ve always wanted a beautiful live/work "artist’s loft" space. When I found this building in the heart of NoHo, I fell in love. The whole place is perfect for my operation. So, for those that wanted to do a shoot, but didn’t want us invading your home, you can come spend the day with, us and we’ll do the shoot in our new loft. (we can still shoot in your home, but this is a fantastic alternative!)

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