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Empowerment in Heels

Empowerment in Heels is a unique Burlesque Dance Class taught by Miss Alyssa Marquez

Empowerment in Heels. A safe space for bodies of all sizes and skill levels, to experience the power and beauty of Burlesque.

Alyssa Marquez teaches through Improvisation exercises, to discover and explore your inner Burlesque Vixen in a safe, supportive environment. Tune into your own movement vocabulary and uncover your own individual expression of sensuality.

She’ll have you flowing seamlessly into across the floor exercises learning to walk, strut and command the stage with conviction and feminine grace.

Alyssa begins the class by increasing your flexibility and body awareness with set warm ups using Traditional Burlesque moves and techniques to tone muscles and build confidence. These Burlesque classes are designed for EMPOWERMENT.

I first met Miss Marquez a few years ago. What I found getting to know her is that her Empowerment in Heels dance classes, and what she stands for, is in total synch with what we do at Lifestyle Boudoir. To gain confidence, remove self doubt, and ultimately feel so much more comfortable (and beautiful) in your own skin. Her class will increase your inner and outer strength, but also be a huge boost to your ego.

Can you use it as your new secret super-power to seduce your S.O.? Sure you can! But really it’s a gift is for yourself!

Her classes are extremely reasonable at the price of $15 (cash or venmo), and take place every Sunday at 3 PM in Hollywood. You can learn more on her website at

*Side note: Alyssa and I created FEM - The Female Empowerment Mixers last year. It's a wonderful evening of women supporting women. Lectures and demonstrations all for the betterment of women. You can learn more about this on our FEM Facebook Page.

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