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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I was 190 lbs 6 days ago... Now under 180!

I've just lost 12 lbs in 6 days! I'm going to post a little personal journey stuff here.

Most of my adult life I weighed around 150 lbs. I had a small frame and I'm 5'6. I trained hard in martial arts for many many years. I was thin and fit with kind of a swimmer's build. But a foot injury during class one day, ended all that. I could barely stand for any length on time without my foot aching and throbbing, let alone teach or demonstrate any kicks or footwork. Removing that workout, but continuing to eat like I did while training, I began to add a lot of weight. It was gradual and insidious. Add 10 years of age to that, last Sunday I weighed in at 190 lbs. That's 40 lbs over my fighting weight! I'm tired all the time, climbing a flight of stairs gets me winded.

I made a snap decision to go back to something I had done several years ago with great success. There's a movie called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that I had watched. You should be able to find it online, on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I decided to follow the plan laid out in the film. If you're living an unhealthy lifestyle, or need to lose a little weight, this plan works.

The first time I did it for 30 days. Nothing but raw fruit and vegetable juices. I lost a total of 28 pounds! Sadly, I slowly went back to eating whatever I want, with no exercise. Busy life, eating not so great- it added up. That 28 pounds I took off insidiously came back as 30 lbs. over time.

So... my journey this time. On Sunday, August 18th I weighed in at 190 lbs. Other than a piece of fruit, a baby carrot or a handful of cashews from time to time, I have had no solid food. Only raw juice that I make myself. (recipes in my VIP Group- see below)

Today is Saturday, 6 days later. Above you can see my actual bathroom scale reading as of this morning. Today's weight is around 12 pounds less than 6 days ago. I plan to go 28 days on this program. From experience, the loss plateaus after about 2 weeks and it starts to look discouraging. In the end, I hope to show you around a 20-25 lb weigh loss. Which I will post here, and in my private facebook VIP GROUP. If you want to learn more about all of this. The discussion will be there.

My plan after the 28 days is obviously to eat more sensibly, but not deprive myself all the time of the things I love. Smaller meals is easy in the beginning, right after the juice cleanse, as your stomach shrinks a good bit.

You can find the exact juice recipes I'm using in the VIP Group by clicking HERE

PS- this is not super easy. The first week you'll be pretty hungry. In fact on day 4 or 5 you may want to kill people. But once you're past that hump, you're not even hungry anymore. You'll see about a 1-2 pound a day loss right away. If you are worried about nutrients, the juice is packed with them. You'll probably getting more of what you need than eating a full meal can give you, with far less calories.

Disclaimer- I did not create this program. I followed it and it worked for me. Any homicides you perform in week 1 are not my fault. Honestly, before any kind of extreme dieting, you should consult a physician. Do this at your own risk (and the people around you).

ADDED 9/1/19- after 2 weeks I'm down to 170 lbs!

ADDED- so at the end of my 28 day journey, 0n 9/15/19 - I'm at 167 pounds - it plateaued for the last week or so. But in the end, a 23 pound loss is 28 days is fantastic, and I am thrilled!

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