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I've always been a fan of the Guess ads from the late 80's and early 90's. So, I recently had some fun creating a series of images of Carla. When I mentioned Guess to her, she stepped up with the right outfits!

There won't be a ton of words in this post- just a bunch of fun Guess inspired images. Hope you like it!

Although most of the Guess ads from back then were grainy black & white (my favorite!) we did some color images too. Take a peek here...

I hope you like this set. I had a lot of fun shooting it, and Carla was a blast to work with! We did lots of Boudoir images too, but we'll save those for another time!

I update my Instagram daily- if you want to see what's the newest stuff, go to my Instagram!

Oh- and if you'd like to visit Carla's Instagram- she's here!

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