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Her Story. In her own words- a client profile

A photo of Stephanie from her session.

“Shortly after I arrived to the Valley, my girlfriend, Jess invited me to a Female Empowerment Mixer where, after a few presentations, I actively started listening to Michael's speech about feeling sexy in our own body, no matter the size or the amount of insecurities we may have.

During that presentation, Michael asked women to sign up for a chance to win a complementary session with him and his makeup artist. I jumped right up and signed up! I can't explain to you why I wanted this so bad at the moment. As most of you know my insecurities about my body are part of my humor to lessen the feeling of embarrassment. I am my own worst critic, I know! I suffered through depression for years over it, and with enough hard fucken work, this is me now!

I was not happy with the amount of weight I put on in college so I started running again! This is me! My palms are still sweating from the nervousness during the event, frankly! I wanted this session so bad, though to remind me, "I'm okay!" I need to be okay with my flaws! I can be comfortable showing more skin! I'm super self conscious about my ass and look - Michael did some magic to make it stand out!

As far as the session, Michael was beyond careful and attentive to the art of photography - very profession! He coached me through in great spirits and encouraged me to feel confident. Slowly I let go, and got a few good poses. I opened the link to the finished product and I cried! Yes!!! This is me!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I need to be okay with seeing myself as beautiful, too! I don't have the traditional curves most women have. I do have the courage to say, fuck it! (Sometimes lol) Thank you, Michael! Thank you, thank you! Also, big and major shout out to my partner who gets annoyed and angry with my insecurity speeches, yet stayed behind, not saying a word to let me enjoy this whole process alone and had very positive feedback when I was finished!"

Stephanie Lira, Los Angeles, CA

* I personally asked Stephanie if she'd speak at our next event to talk about her experience, as well as how she viewed herself when she got her finished photos. If you join our facebook group, you'll know when our next event is. If you'd like to know more about our Female Empower Mixers, here is a link to our FEM Female Empowerment Mixer Facebook Group

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