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"I could NEVER do a Boudoir Session."

YES, you can!

But, I’m not photogenic. Listen to me- There is no such thing as photogenic! You’ve either been photographed by the right person, or the wrong person. The person you see in the mirror, generally, is not what the rest of the world sees. The right photographer will help you relax and feel more comfortable during your session, and likely will catch you off-guard in the right moment to show your real personality. Not the uncomfortable stiff person that you might think you see in the mirror.

I’m too old! You’re wrong? As of this writing, my most mature client was 72. She looked fabulous! It was a present for her new man. But when she saw the images, she realized that it was way more a gift for herself. We’ve photographed women from 18 to 72, but I’d say most are in the 35-55 year old range. You are NOT too old!

I don’t have the look! What is “the look?” Seriously. Is it the right outfit? The right photographer will guide you. Is it your makeup? We have you covered. Do you want cute, or sultry? Romantic? Dark and mysterious? If you take a look through our galleries, you’ll see, we can portray all those. You can look any way you want. The right photographer can help bring these things out of you.

I just need to lose a few pounds! Um, no you don't! The right photographer can take off up to 20 lbs just with the right posing alone! And, by using light that sculpts the body- well, trust me, you're good! Your weight is simply an excuse. If you'd like to learn more, I have an earlier blog post about this very subject. It's HERE

If you’re not feeling up to this, perhaps you just need a shot of confidence. Maybe that’s the exact reason why you should get these done. All the greatest things that happen in life, happen just outside your comfort zone. Then, it can be addictive- I have many clients that have come in multiple times, doing new sessions every few years. One in particular, I’ve photographed six times over a 5 year period!

What’s the worst thing that can happen? I promise you- If we can’t give you the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself, no worries, because you don’t have to buy them. Really!

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