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Is Every Woman You Shoot A Model?

My clients always look so stunning.  I get asked all the time- "they must be models, right?"- NO! They are regular people! JUST LIKE YOU!

Take the images above- This is Tian. She's a Movie D.P. (Director of Photography) and a photographer. She's used to being behind the camera. But, you doll her up, and pose her properly, and you have images like these.

In every one of our Boudoir Sessions, our artist will do your makeup to perfection, and touch up your hair. Then, I will light you to sculpt your body, to show off every beautiful curve. I will also give you very specific direction, gently guiding you until you're posed perfectly.  I even coach your facial expressions. So, no worries! Really, all you need to do is show and bring your wardrobe!

Below are a few more ladies that went from everyday gals, to supermodel!

Here is Marissa- doesn't she look amazing?

Here is Angie- if you've read my blog before, you've seen her wonderful session and her touching video testimonial

Below is Jaclyn. When she recently picked up her finished Boudoir Album, she told me it was the best thing she's ever done!

This is Jade. She looks so incredibly strong and confident in her images.

So you see, everyday ladies go from normal to STUNNING at our studio. It's still them, just them on their best day!

Are you ready to talk about scheduling your shoot? Just send me out an email with your number and the best time to reach you :)

Want to see more of my work and join a community of other bombshells??!!

You can also follow my work on instagram!

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