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Kimberly Talks About Her Boudoir Experience

Kimberly Austin, an esthetician in Glendale, talks about her session and experience with Lifestyle Boudoir, and how it helps build self esteem.

“This type of photography makes you feel good about yourself. It does the exact opposite (of what you’d think)- this is something you want to do to boost YOU. Your self-esteem is usually seen through your own eyes. You see yourself in the mirror and criticize yourself. But if you see yourself through someone else’s eyes it changes you, it makes you feel great! Those moments you can’t get back, but you can always look at those photos and go ‘you did that’ and you can be proud of yourself.”

If you are looking to take care of your skin, or some rejuvination, here's some info about Kimberly's esthetician practice:

Kim is a Master Esthetician at 7Q Medical Spa in Glendale Ca. Her interest in this career stemmed from a pigmentation problem she experienced herself.

Specializing in chemical peels and microneedling for all skin types and conditions. She also offers Hydrafacial for deep cleaning and hydration and TempSure for tightening and lifting for face and full body.

You can learn much more about her services by visiting her Instagram at @7qspa and @skin_ovation for more details on treatments offered.

You can also call her office to book a complimentary consultation with Kim, and to learn about pricing. The number is (818) 553-3777 or visit their website here

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