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What is “Empowerment” anyway?

Literally every boudoir studio throws around that word “empowerment” to describe their photography. I mean, our slogan for years and years has been "We empower ALL women to remove self-doubt, gain confidence, and feel truly desirable through a fun and exciting boudoir session, and help you look and feel sexier than ever!" I’m not saying I’ve invented the word or the use for it. Simply, we have been using it for many years and we understand that this word, empowerment, literally means to give strength and confidence.

I feel like every boudoir studio uses that word simply because all the others do. But, where did it start? It seems that every new boudoir studio (anything less than 5-10 years old) is just a cookie cutter, carbon copy of all the others. They literally copy all the sets, poses, backgrounds, props (think those stupid-ass angel wings) lighting styles, even their marketing and pricing, etc. But rarely do you see an original style. Why is that? Fact- They’re lazy.

They're lazy in telling you their “Why?” and lazy in creating an individual style. Facebook is a cesspool of groups for boudoir photographers, aimed at new wannabe new photographers, mainly. Usually the basis for the group is to sell the members their classes or workshops in how to copy their work. If you were to look at any of these groups you’d see literally post after post of women saying “spam me with your _______ poses.” This is literally them saying “I’m truly too lazy to try something on my own or come up with something original. Saying, I won't research anything myself. “I’m too lazy and helpless, so please do all the work for me so I can literally plagiarize it” They are simply just chasing the next fad whether it serves the client or not. An old mentor of mine used to say- all this copying is like incest, eventually resulting in everyone getting stupid.

Being "inspired by" is so different than blatantly copying.

How does this empower anyone? It doesn’t- it simply enables Intellectual Property theft. Look at 10 randomly chosen boudoir studio sites. All you’ll see is the same poses, lighting styles and fads (like angel wings) on all of them. But that’s NOT what you’ll see on my site. No dumb props. We don’t try to make clients fit into our mold of what we think you want. We'll help you to look amazing on your own terms. You should look like you, on your best day. NOT like everyone else. No cookie cutter images, no fads. Fads fade, timeless images are ones you'll treasure forever.

BTW- Brenda (pictured above) said this about her "empowering" session...

“Where do I even start? The lighting is beautiful and so artistic! At first, I was very nervous but only because I didn’t know what to expect but you guys really made me feel comfortable. Honestly, I loved how comfortable it was!

To be completely honest, it made me remember who the f*** I am! Sorry for the profanity, but it’s true. I felt like myself again and continue to feel like the awesome human I know I am! Thank you!”

Brenda Lopez, Los Angeles, CA

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