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NEW! Boudoir Videos

For a while we’ve been toying with the idea of making a companion video to our Boudoir Sessions. We’ve done the little video slideshows, but I want it to be alive, not just static images. Well, here I am to announce Boudoir Videos- they’re so much fun! It’s like your own little PG 13 music video! Shooting and editing these brings back my childhood dreams of being a film maker.

*All of the videos in this post are of my friend and favorite collaborator Miss Mizon Garde. She's a burlesque performer that is simply mesmerizing to watch.

Imagine your S.O. sitting in a lunch meeting, talking business and big deals. Suddenly they receive a text from you. No words- just a video (like one shown here). Within minutes, the meeting is cut short and they are speeding home to you! Some spice for your relationship? “Well, I will NOT promise you that your partner will rock your world from here to eternity, but the newfound confidence you’ll be rockin’ will definitely put a glow on your face!”

All of the women I photograph receive an increased confidence, AND the added bonus of increased attention from their significant others. That’s no BS! I get thank you messages, texts and emails all the time from women telling me some pretty great stuff of how he holds her hand now after not doing that for years.

For a limited time, we will be offering video along side your photo session at no extra charge! This will introduce the world to the option of having both, or either. After the introductory period, the video will be a separate shoot, or an add on fee to our regular Boudoir Experience Sessions. just let us know when you're booking, so I can allow extra time for your appointment.

This next video is my favorite of the bunch!

Here’s where I need some help…

I will be needing models for this, to create a few more sample videos. I’m looking for 3 or 4 women, 25 - 45 ish years old, comfortable in their own skin, that could use a huge ego boost and perhaps add a little extra spice in their bedrooms when your S.O. sees it.

If you’re interested in doing this, please go here and fill out my questionnaire. Or just use the form below.

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