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Our New Location

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

There's nothing like a new location to get the creativity flowing. I'm so excited to have this new space, and for the photos we'll create here! The following images were all photographed at our new location in the growing NoHo Arts District.

I thought it might be fun to just show you all the different looks we can capture in our new NoHo Loft. These images were from some of our first few sessions here.

The Bedroom

Boudoir photographer in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Noho, North Hollywood . Intimate Boudoir Portraits.
The bedroom is always the most popular place to shoot Boudoir. There's nothing like a REAL bedroom for creating real-looking images!

The White Corner

The white corner allows for light, and very high-key imagery

The Dark Corner

The dark corner can be used for Classic Portraiture, mysterious, and cinematic images

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be fun- look forward to some shower and bubble bath images to come!

The Kitchen

Even the kitchen can provide some interesting and fun story-telling images!

Other Areas

Other areas of our complex provide an industrial feel

Of course, we’re still happy to shoot in your home or a location of your choice! But, as you can see from these samples, the images we create here leaves little need to go anywhere else. And, there’s still room to explore and play more in this new environment. I'm looking forward to discovering every little area to create some sexy images, for YOU!

To see more images from these new sessions of Bria, Eva and Bunny, please click HERE to visit their galleries!

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