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Teaching Advanced Beauty

Me? A beauty teacher? Well, not really, but for the past few years, I’ve taught a brief lecture on lighting and photography in Cinema Makeup School’s Advanced Beauty Theory class. Literally, on a 60-90 lecture. But, last week I had the opportunity to teach more in-depth lighting theory for the entire day, culminating in a photoshoot of each of the students makeups. Finally, ended the day with a demo of retouching the finished images as pertaining to makeup.

The students got some wonderful portfolio pieces out of it, as well as learning how to sculpt the face with light. I've always been a fan of the Old Hollywood movie star portraits of the 1940s, so I used that style to show off how to flatter the subject and carve out the features, for a really strong, often mysterious image. Below are some examples of the students makeups from that day.

Black and white glamour portraits inspired by the 1940s

A few days later I came back to photograph all the student makeups for their final Advanced Beauty Theory final projects. The themes were “Etheric” or “Religious” inspired. Below are samples from their final makeup projects.

If you're interested in learning more about being a makeup artist, I couldn't recommend Cinema Makeup School more! It's truly the best in the country, if not the world. I've been with the school since 2011, and served as the Chief Academic Officer there from 2012 - 2018. The instructors are all working artists (not career teachers), able to pass on up to the minute techniques, AND they are 2nd to none!

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