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What is sexy?

“I want him to love me for my mind, not just my body”

So, in the photos, lets show them a little of your mind, your feeling, and yes, your body too!

This blog post is honestly more of a message to photographers, than ladies that want to have a boudoir experience. But, the ladies will absolutely benefit from this too.

Focus on feeling!

Let’s focus on the clients feelings and emotions, rather than forcing them into a mold of (especially) someone else’s borrowed creativity. Can’t we focus on the romance and sizzle, than the latest boudoir fad? Do the clients really want angel wings, flower petals, milk bath or any other copied and forced ‘creativity’ in boudoir?

How about we focus on the sensuality in our client’s heads?

Can we create more mood, more romance, more tension?

The boudoir experience should be about the client’s self-discovery, self-confidence and empowerment. I suggest we slow down when shooting, really look at the angles and the light. Perfect the poses, and help the client to feel comfortable in their own skin- and have that come across in the images.

“Lifestyle Boudoir” is not just my brand, I try to live up to the name in every shoot.

To photograph your sensuality, in a more realistic, feeling photograph, yet with still a dramatic edge. Not cheesy, and fake looking sets. No trends or fads. My goal is to produce something that looks like it’s coming from within, from your own head space.

What is sexy to you, the ladies in my audience? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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