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GUESS? Again

What do you do stay creative? Me? Sometimes I shoot stuff outside of my normal Boudoir brand. Stuff like my 1940’s style shoot, or this new 2nd Guess ad inspired shoot. Not often, but once in a while. A little over a month ago I had mentioned I wanted to revisit this style. The first person I spoke to about this was Ariana who is pictured in these images -It took a while to finally do it, but it was so worth it! Ariana is a makeup artist and she handled the makeup for this shoot as well as being the model.

To challenge myself, no equipment was used other than my camera and a large scrim/reflector. Everything inside and outside was done with natural light. No strobes, soft boxes, etc. The camera used was my super fun little Fuji X100V with a the normal length lens adapter. This camera brings me joy. It is NOT the camera I shoot client sessions with, but damned if it doesn’t shoot well above it’s weight class! I couldn’t be happier with how it performed.

Although I was not copying any images in particular, I do feel we captured some of that Guess feel. Some of these images remind me of Sophia Loren, and some of Linda Evangelista.

Can I do a shoot like this for you? Of course! But again, it is not my normal brand. Maybe we can add a few images like this to your Boudoir shoot? Let me know! ;).

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